thank you - the site was really helpful, especially the 'speedflatmating' evening which was really well run and enjoyable. thanks,Holly —Holly S

All the rage in London —The Times

Not as intimidating as sitting on someone's sofa being grilled about whether you're a good flatmate —BBC3 - Cherry Healey's Property Virgins

SpeedFlatmating gets the thumbs up from me —BBC3 - Cherry Healey's Property Virgins

an ingenious hybrid of speed dating and that all-important flatmate interview... now there is light at the end of the flat-hunting tunnel. —The Independent

It's a work of genius, because it recognises that it's the people you are going to live with that are important, rather than the space you are moving into. —The Wharf

...there was something very comfortable about chatting face-to-face that beat the normal flat-hunting conversation by email via internet searches. Questions about room size and distance from the Tube seemed a lot easier without the glare of a computer screen... —The Observer

The evening was fantastic, I was really worried I would feel stupid standing around waiting to talk to people but everyone at the event was so friendly and willing to talk...The event was value for money, ?5 for the event and drink was excellent. Will be attending the next one for definite if I have not found a room by then. —Rachel B

Just wanted to send some feedback - I've recently used your website to find a room in a shared house. I had already done that in the past, and every time I put an "Room wanted" ad up on your site, I found a great houseshare in a matter of days! But this time was different, as I wanted to take my newly-adopted kitten with me! So I decided to go speed flatmating. Went to 3 evenings, and on the 3rd night (the North London one) I met two people who have now become my new flatmates! AMAZING. Thank you Spareroom :-) —Helene

Speed flatmating was excellent. Met a number of different people from different houses/flats to rent, in different areas, all in one location. So no travelling around the city. People with flats to rent were organised and informative - bringing photos, listing their rental amount on signs. I scheduled several appointments and ended up visiting a flat straight after the speed flatmating event - and I ended up taking the flat and am still living there 10 months later and am good friends with the girls i moved in with. —Leila

I decided to come to the SpeedFlatmating event as I realised how much time showing people around my flat takes up, and I have a busy social life so what better than meeting lots of new people in the same evening over a drink who might become my flatmates! I was surprised at how many people were at the event and how chatty everyone was - I also learned that it's ok to work out very quickly if it's not going to work out with the person who has just said hello because of budget or move in date and happily wish them luck in their search. This SpeedFlatmating event was also great because I have 2 rooms to rent out and I was able to introduce people I liked to each other to see if we could make a good trio, and have set up some viewings, so I'm very pleased! I recommend taking several print outs of your advert, and everyone enjoyed my speed tour video on my phone which I have now added to my advert. Thanks to the SpareRoom team for organising the event - simple but genius. —Lizzie C

Speedflatmating helped me believe again, that someone out there would be interested in my flat. I'm very glad I attended. When I'm looking for a flatmate again and feeling stuck, I will definitely return to Speedflatmating. —Deva

I have attended twice, once to find a place and once to off load the place. Both times i had more fun than a general night at the pub. Mostly due to the licence to just go up and talk to anyone there. When i was looking for a place i was justifiably nervous with using gumtree due to scams. I found it much more reassuring meeting real people. Of most benefit was getting to meet a lot of people in a short time with minimal effort. I personally like to choose where I live by the people first and then the place. So it was good to see if you get along with those peddling their place. That night resulted in successfully finding a good place to live. —Harold

The event was a huge success for me. I had already spoken to a few people via the spareroom website, and arranged to meet them in person at the event. It was clear on meeting one of the girls that we got along very well; and we are still living happily together. —Edd

Basically, I moved to London about 6 months ago to start a new job and after having the luxury of being able to stay with my father for the first couple of months I did eventually want to move out. I was recommended coming to speedflatmating by a friend and after him registering us, I came along to Gigalum in Clapham South one evening. I was pleasantly surprised about how relaxed it was and I thought the setup and organisation of the event was excellent. I actually did meet my current flatmates through the event and live and get on well with them now. I was there recently as well looking for a new flatmate as one is moving out and again I had a successful evening. I would definitely come back in the future should I be looking again and I just hope it is successful enough to expand into other areas and give other people a great opportunity to network and find flatmates. —Robert

After finally giving up hope of ever affording a place by myself in the city, I resigned myself to the fact I was going to have to live? gulp? with strangers!? At nearly 30 sharing in student style accommodation really didn't float my boat, however needs must, and a new job in London meant I had to suck it up and get on with it. After looking for a little while online I saw that there was a SpeedFlatmating event in Clapham, the area I really want to live in, and thought what a great idea it would be to meet the people before the house! After all, it really is about finding people you can share with, get on with, and even make friends with. The building and the location come second to that! In all honesty I wasn't sure that I wanted to go, I stood outside and felt a bit like a prat, wondering what kind of people I ?would meet and if I'd be the only sane one! As I walked in I was greeted by a friendly face, and given a sticker to write my details on. I actually felt a little like I was at a speed dating event?! More and more people came flooding in and the event was really busy!! There were lots of different people all sporting different budgets, areas and looking for the perfect roomie. Some were in groups looking for a housemate, and others were alone and chatting away to potential new friends. I had a great evening and spoke with several people who were right up my street, we swapped numbers and am hoping to view a few places at the weekend. I'd thoroughly recommend to anyone looking on SpareRoom to attend one of these events, it really is the nicest, easiest way to find a potential home. —Polly M

Thank you so much once again for your support. We have been inundated with so many people wanted to share our home. Your web-site - the feeling is safety and integrity compare to some other web-sites. Technology is great but also we have to acknowledge risks especially when people coming to our homes. BUT SPAREROOM EVENTS areas great because we meet prospective flatmates first before they come and see us. Also we meet lots of people at the same time. —MC

This is the most successful house mate finding thing I've ever done and we're thrilled! We will certainly be doing the same in the future if a room becomes available again. —LM

SpeedFlatmating nights are a brilliant idea! —LM

I've already found a house now but loved the event and would definitely go again! —M H R

My boyfriend (Sandy) and I both have recently moved to the UK from Canada, and so we wanted to live with other flatmates (London is pricey!) and also meet people who knew more about London. We were asking around and looking on several sites, but someone mentioned to Sandy that there are weekly SpeedFlatmating events around London to check out! We went to the event in South Clapham (we were in Brixton at the time, and wanted to stay close), and met several people with spare rooms looking for a couple. We also met another pair within an hour. They didn't have a flat either, so from there, we started looking for places together, did meet up a few times to enjoy what was left of summer in London, and eventually got the perfect place! Thanks for organising the events, they were really great, not as nerve-wracking as we originally thought they would be, and a perfect way to meet lots of people also looking to live in London. —RG

I finished work early excited and a little nervous as i didn't know what to expect. The event was in a swanky club just off Leicester Square, I thought it would be much better meeting prospective flatmates in a relaxed environment instead of waiting at home wondering if they'll even show. I was greeted at the door and so felt at ease as i entered the room full of people. I had a single room to rent and had lots of interest, chatting to lots of people. I was looking for a professional female of any age, and spoke to quite a few.The place was buzzing and so exchanged numbers with about five people i thought would be suitable..and even had a laugh in the process. In the end I opted for a student, which I hadn't previously considered. In all an enjoyable experience that i would do again. —SP

It was a fun night and I made a couple good contacts that I hope will come have a look at my flat. —Karla R

The concept is fantastic —Lina

Well organised and good events to go to with no pressure or awkward atmosphere... —Jane

Safe atmosphere, friendly and clear - everyone knows what they are looking for/after —Laura

Great opportunity to meet new people, comfortable, relaxed and safe environment to meet potential new housemates —George

Fun and well organised —Beth

I really enjoyed the night and meeting new people is always fun. I liked the format of it being less formal and really just a drinks reception. —Daniel

I have a three bedroom flat in Chiswick near Kew Bridge and it just so happened two rooms came up for rent at the same time; so I followed SpeedFlatmating advice and took photos and even made a movie with commentary of my flat. When I arrived at the SpeedFlatmating event I was given a very warm welcome by the event organisers. I started showing my pictures and movie and I received a lot of attention and it was hard to get to the bar and buy a drink! The atmosphere at the event was lively, and it seemed that people were looking for potential flatmates as well as landlords. In the end I believe I have acquired two very nice and intelligent young flatmates and I look forward to them moving in. —RT

I attended the Speed Flatmating event last Thursday and really enjoyed it! I was looking for a room to rent as I'm starting a job in Central London, however I currently live in Devon and the prospect of hunting for rooms on my weekends off filled me dread!! The event was a fantastic way of chatting to potential flatmates without there being pressure to make a decision about the room like there would be on a normal viewing! I met a number of really nice people (both looking for a room and offering a room) and felt comfortable chatting to just about everyone...the location was great and really easy to get to. All members of the staff were fantastic, really approachable and friendly. The pricing of the event was just right; I liked the fact that confidence could be heightened with a free drink! I was so pleased I attended the event and as a result have found a place to move in to, so a big big thank you for organising the night. —H L

Excellent service —Mr D W

Didn't go to speedflatmating event in the end as I found an excellent room with your website the night I was supposed to go. I have recommended speedflatmating to others at work & even a woman I met on a train who was in the same position —Jon

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