How it works

1. First reserve your place at the event

Check on the events page to see which events are upcoming. Click 'more info' or 'book now' on the event that you'd like to attend and fill in your name and email address and then click 'Book'. That's it.

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On the night

1. Collect and fill out your name badge

On arrival at the event attendees are given a name badge to fill out, displaying their first name, rental amount and nearest tube/overland station (for room-havers) or first name, budget and desired area (for seekers). Pink badges are given to room seekers, white badges to those with rooms to let. It's a really good idea to think about the rent/budget and area BEFORE you arrive at the event as this will help you log in.

2. Grab yourself a drink

Always an ice breaker, most of our events really get going once the attendees have had a chance to sip a cold glass of wine or bottle of beer. Most of our event venues offer cocktails too, and have a happy hour until 8.

3. Get Mingling

For the busier Zones 1 & 2 event the venue is handily split into North and South of the river, but for our local events this isn't necessary as the area covered is more specific. It's not rocket science getting the event to work for you - all you need to do is walk around (or sit around, it's up to you!) looking at other people's badges. If you see someone you think you'll click with, and their budget/rent and area match your wants or needs - have a chat!

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